Jean Abou Ghannam
Vice President of Business Intelligence and Corporate Strategy

Jean Abou Ghannam

A recognized visionary leader known for crafting the necessary strategy to achieve business goals, Mr. Jean Abou Ghannam offers a unique blend of executive acumen, overall team building, and Business Intelligence solutions development. As Vice President of Business Intelligence & Corporate Strategy, Jean has built a responsive business intelligence team that consistently delivers results by aligning technology initiatives with business goals, with substantial improvement to solutions delivery, standardization, business and processes performance.

At Island Hospitality Management, one of Jean’s most significant achievements was in 2004 on his first year of being hired as Financial Analyst, he made a global and radical rollout of newly designed operational budget model for all hotels, which promoted accuracy and efficiency to the entire budget process.

With an emphasis on strategic solutions analysis to further organization’s business goals, he developed an Enterprise Windows application known internally as IH ERP. The application simplified and streamlined complex processes related to hotels and corporate operation.

Mr. Abou Ghannam expertise spans the full range of hotel operational functions, management, IT, accounting and financial analysis. Similarly, he has a vast hands-on experience with software development and business intelligence solutions making his role versatile across the organization.

Jean holds a Hospitality Management degree from César Ritz university.