Residence Inn Binghamton Celebrates Employee Appreciation week 2015!

May 18 – 22, 2015

In Binghamton, we don’t do anything small. We began planning for this week about a month ago. In preparation, I asked our AGM, Deb Davern, if she had any good ideas. She responded with “Oh, I’ll come up with something” and that she did! She planned the whole week with a “Carnival” theme. All of our events were carnival games, and even our yearly ducks were carnival themed! Our giveaways each day ranged from small prizes to lottery tickets, popcorn, gift cards, cotton candy, etc. The staff had a great time! It was really nice taking time out of each day to have a little fun and spend time together!

On Monday we started off with our blindfolded fitted sheet contest! This has become a yearly event. And while everyone groans… we spend a lot of time laughing as we watch our blindfolded coworkers struggle to fold a fitted sheet. Ella Palevic was our winner folding 5 sheets in 2 minutes while wearing a blindfold. Paul Williams was our consolation winner, folding only one sheet, but making everyone laugh the most. Clearly, neatness didn’t count so much. Each associate was given a bag of freshly popped popcorn as well. Our winners, Ella and Paul, got to pick out a prize! In true carnival spirit, we played “Knock Down the Fish” where we lined up boxes of Swedish Fish and gave each employee 3 chances to knock as many down as possible. Way to go Ella Palevic with 5 boxes!!!

RISolution Day was Tuesday! We started off the morning huddle adding to the “Orange Door” where our associates came up with 20 reasons they are proud to work at the Binghamton Residence Inn. Our door was quite comical, and our associates said they are proud to work at Residence Inn because “each day is a challenge”, “free food”, “feeling safe and secure”. Also, on Tuesday we did a 3-legged “make a bed” race (no one tells Sam Logan). The reigning champions Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Mary Bates and Director of Sales, Teresa Hatton couldn’t make it another year and were knocked from lead by Executive Housekeeper Michael Koch and laundry attendant Leontina Numbahemo. Not to mention General Manager Sarah Kaminsky and Room Attendant Ella Palevic coming in a close second place, only 4 seconds behind the winning time of 2:34:16.

On Wednesday we had a dart contest. Employees were given darts and shot at balloons for a chance to win lottery tickets. Don’t worry Safety Sam! GM Sarah made sure all associates were BEHIND the shooter before they were allowed to shoot. The wind definitely made this much more difficult than we had planned. The balloons moved all over as our associates attempted to hit them. But everyone was in great spirits and really tried! We followed that contest up with soft pretzels and cheese in the Gatehouse because you know… Free Food!

Thursday we all got together and enjoyed a BBQ, where GM Sarah cooked up some BBQ favorites while our associates brought in side dishes. We enjoyed a smorgasbord of food, and needless to say, no one wanted to go back to work. All associates were given a “I put the ZING in Amazing” T-shirts. After that, we played a ring toss game where associates could win coca-cola bottles, and we also handed out cotton candy and cracker jacks. We also announced our M&M Winner which was Paul Williams who guessed that the bottle was filled with 244 M&M’s and was by far the closest only off by 2! Jelyn Schultz was our Duck Name winner, naming her Carnival Themed Duck “Wonder-stache.”

The last day of our fun week was Friday where we had an ice cream sundae buffet! Each associate was then given a pie tin and whipped cream. They were then allowed to select a manager, and throw the pie in their face! Deb and Sarah were prepared and ready! But then Room Attendant Rosa Santoro selected Chief Engineer Jason Yantz, who was a great sport, and took a pie to the face!

We clearly live our motto: “You don’t need to be crazy to work here, we’ll train you!!” 

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