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  • Rob Auerbach

    Rob Auerbach

    Vice President of Purchasing

    561-227-1335    rauerbach@ih-corp.com

    Mr. Auerbach joined Island Hospitality in 1999, and currently holds the position of Vice President of purchasing. Rob has over 20 years of Hospitality experience. Rob is responsible for purchasing, budgeting, and controlling costs. Mr. Auerbach has a diverse hospitality background with various management positions with major hotel operations, including Vice President of Purchasing, Regional Manager and General Manager.

    Throughout his career, Rob has participated in a significant number of transactions in the hotel sector, including major acquisitions of multiple hospitality assets and companies with food and beverage chains and operations.

    Rob holds degrees from both Florida International University and Johnson and Wales and received an MBA from Richmond University. He is also a member of the American Purchasing Society.